We hope your holiday season brings you warmth and cheer!

Here is this year’s Christmas Card in digital form!


We literally shot these in our living room with a grey paper backdrop and some cheap soft box lights. We found whatever we could around the house that fit the 80’s theme. Gus already has an eclectic collection of clothing, so that was a piece of cake. (I’m actually sporting his velvet blazer in the photos.) I have a jewelry box that was my Aunt’s and I found some great clip on earrings (this was lucky because I do not have my ears pierced) and her prescription tinted glasses that Gus wore. (He could not see a damn thing, the prescription was so strong.) We also found some old christmas themed brooches in that jewelry box, Gus wore the Goose one since he’s Goose, and I wore a christmas wreath.

We found the pet hats at Petco! We were actually surprised we were able to pull off the poses we wanted them in. They cooperated much more than we expected. Obviously they received lots of treats for their forced participation. It only took us a few minutes to get their portraits finished!

We were cracking up the entire time we were taking these pictures, it had to be the most fun we’d had in a while.


Here are some outtakes and behind the scenes shots! We tried to make it as awkward and uncomfortable as possible. The final results of the card happened thanks to some Photoshop magic!


This was my hair before I brushed it out:


Which gave me this fantastic result:_42a9473

Scotty is a really good listener and knows Sit and Stay, so we didn’t have too much trouble getting his portrait. But he was definitely pretty miserable wearing that reindeer hat, haha.


We got Little Monster to hold still by feeding her a treat the whole time. I honestly cannot believe she kept the elf hat on for as long as she did. We laughed so hard during this part we couldn’t breathe. The 3rd photo of her sends me into a fit of laughter every time I see it.


And then for fun, we decided to skip a decade and do something 90s.



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A couple of weirdos with a yearning for art and adventure.

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