The Sequoias_42a50752

We left early in the morning before the sun had risen heading straight to the Sequoia National Forest. After a 3 hour drive, we set up camp and felt so excited to finally be on this trip we’d been planning all year. It was honestly surreal. We took a much needed nap since we hadn’t gotten any sleep, and then around sunset, drove up to the actual Sequoia Forest to view the trees. Neither of us had been there before. I (Jessie) remember turning this one corner and looking at this huge tree trunk in disbelief. I’d  been wanting to see this forest for a long time, so being there felt incredible.




The next morning, we left for Yosemite.



Carson Pass _42a5762_42a5770_42a5783_42a5788_42a5803_42a5820_42a5822

Hoh National Rainforest/Washington Coast







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A couple of weirdos with a yearning for art and adventure.

One thought on “Our West Coast Wedding Road Trip

  1. Fabulous pictures!! What an awesome journey to start your marriage with!! God bless you both, may all your dreams come true!’ Love you, Helen


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