I knew that I wanted to see something new for my 26th birthday, so we made a last minute decision to go to Soda Lake in southeastern San Luis Obispo County. We wanted to make a day trip out of it, so we packed a couple things in Gus’s car and drove off towards the mountains.

Immediately we both felt this sense of purpose while being together on the road. I turned to Gus and said, “Doesn’t this just feel right? Like this is something we’re meant to do together?” He nodded in agreement and said, “I whole-heartedly agree.” We’ve talked about going on different road trips throughout our entire relationship, but we hadn’t been on one together in almost a year.


Along the way we were fascinated by the different terrains we ran into every 10 miles or so. First it was jagged mountains with desert landscapes, then we we ran into a huge cloud of fog out of nowhere, and within minutes of that we were driving through completely flat plains that seemed to go on for eternity. Shortly after came bright green rolling hills that reminded us so much of Ireland, then miles of orchards and crop fields, free range cattle (Scotty was thrilled to witness this), and a disturbing stretch of land infested with oil rigs, mindlessly churning the ground for fortune.










When we finally got to our destination, we were pretty awe-struck by the view. It was completely silent aside from some nearby birds singing and a few coyotes out in the distance. We had to walk about a mile before we got to the actual lake bed. It was like walking on brownies covered in powered sugar. Scotty had the time of his life. We let him off his leash and he ran around, dug holes, and smelled the crisp, fresh air.










We couldn’t stay for long because we wanted to hit the road home before sun down, but we made another stop to take in the sunset.


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 10.42.41 PM copy




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A couple of weirdos with a yearning for art and adventure.

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